When you love the stately style of New England colonial homes, consider our beautiful reproduction saltbox houses. We are Early New England Homes, a Connecticut company specializing in period post and beam houses. Have you ever considered building a Saltbox style home? New England saltbox cottages embody everything that makes New England so special, with crisp fall foliage, craggy coastlines, and pleasant winters. Located all over the East Coast, from Maine’s southern and coastal districts to Connecticut and Rhode Island, saltbox homes are known as ancient homes that have survived the test of time.

Saltbox House – An Embodiment of Colonial Architecture

Saltbox-style rooflines and facades are a classic example of colonial architecture in the United States. These houses and cottages are famous for their unique style all over the country. Even though these residences date back to the 1800s, they continue to be popular in the modern day. This is because these houses stand out on their own due to their unique look.

Characteristics of a Saltbox House

The following are some characteristics of a saltbox house that help them stand out from the crowd:

  • Saltbox Houses are well-known for their traditional exterior, design, and construction.
  • The roof has unequal sides. The front is a bit short and high, while the back is a bit long and low.
  • There is a two-story frontage.
  • The back of the saltbox house has only one story.
  • An asymmetrical, long, steeply sloping roof, frequently covering the back of a house’s kitchen, is known as a cat-slide roofing system – something that cannot be found in modern houses.
  • In the original plan of a saltbox house, the building was centered on a large central chimney.
  • A timber frame built using post and beam construction.
  • Clapboard or wood sidings are open options for a saltbox house.
  • In rare instances, bricks can be utilized for construction instead of concrete.
  • A chic, geometric style sets these houses apart from others.

Saltbox houses are a class apart. To experience the warmth and chic vibe of a saltbox house, contact Early New England Homes at (860) 643-1148.

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Reproduction Saltbox Houses – Early New England Homes