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For a distinctive silhouette and layout, have a look at our beautiful Gambrel homes Dobbs Ferry NY. We are Early New England Homes of Bolton CT. The Gambrel has been described as a “barn house” because of its dual-sloping roof design. People who want to build an authentic early New England style home just love what we offer. Early New England Homes provides plans and a pre-cut Gambrel style home. The oldest known gambrel roof in America was built in 1677 on the grounds of Harvard University. The design has beautiful proportions. The shallow angle upper roof and a steeper lower roof allow for more height in the attic space.

Our homes are sturdy post and beam home building systems with timberframe ceiling. Our beautiful post and beam Gambrels are meticulously fashioned after 18th century New England models. Our home kits bring back the style and charm of Old New England architecture. ENEH specializes in building authentic Cape Cod, Saltbox, Gambrel and Colonial style homes. We work closely with local builders to recreate the layout and style of these exceptional houses. Each home is fully customized to fit each client’s needs.

The ENEH Options Package encourages each home owner to make a statement with detailing. We have hand planed beadboard paneling and beaded wainscoting. Beaded window and door trim, pre-hung 4-panel doors, board & batten doors and a storm door option are available. Wide board flooring and baseboards are a perfect fit in these classic Cape Cod homes. Complete the effect with our fireplace mantels and hand-forged interior hardware.

The early colonists hewed the beams for their homes from forests that surrounded their property, and each home therefore had a unique character. Our early New England style homes reflect the charm and character of the area. To whet your appetite, why not take a look at our Gambrel Homes page. Call us at (860) 643-1148 and we can help plan your dream home today.


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