Frequently Asked Questions

The Process

Is this post and beam construction?


Our timbered ceiling system is indeed post and beam, but it is designed to fit onto conventionally-framed 2 x 6′ wall construction. This gives you the look of post and beam, while allowing standard insulation, as well as utilities like electrical, plumbing, heating and communication cables to still be contained within the walls.

Is this a pre-fabricated or “kit house”?


No, this is a traditional stick built house with our unique timbered ceiling system incorporated into the structure.

Does ENEH build these homes?


Yes, with in a fifty mile radius of Bolton, CT. We can do everything from your site work and engineering to building a ready to move into home. You will need to be available to make decisions on lighting, paint colors and other fixtures.

How long does it take to build?


This depends on the size of the home, what you decide to put into it, and how much site work has to be done. Some homes are built in six months and others can take over a year. There are a lot of decisions to make in the process of building, if you know exactly what you would like it can go quickly. Most of our clients like to take some time deciding on things like the kitchen and baths and we understand this.

Can I use my own builder?


Absolutely. We will work side-by-side with your builder supplying our materials, construction guide, and blueprints. This is a conventionally constructed home so most builders are well versed in this type of construction. We have incorporated a timbered ceiling system, trim package, and handmade items into plans. Our package enables any qualified builder to replicate our model homes for clients who choose to build an Early New England Home. The timbered ceiling system will be installed by exclusively Early New England Homes. Additionally, tech support is available six days a week for any questions that may come up during the process.


Does ENEH offer custom design services?


Yes, we can make changes to fit your needs. We will put additions on the house such as a great room or master bedroom and do custom floor plans. An ell or wing can also be added in 18 or 20-foot widths and no limit on length. We will provide you with a thorough custom floor plan to review that reflects all of your changes. Once you are 100% satisfied with the floor plan we will begin drawing blueprints.

Do you do additions to existing homes?


Yes — providing the addition is based on a footprint that we use. Our homes are 30 x 38′ or 26 x 34′ and ell and wing additions can be 18′ or 20′ wide by how ever long you choose. These sizes have been pre-engineered and are within the scope of work we would do.

How do you stain the floors?


Reproducing the perfect colonial wood finish is an intricate process. We start with an unsanded, clean floor (vaccuumed and washed with Cleanwood). One board at a time, we apply a one inch strip of maple down the center of the board. Then we switch to puritan pine, washing the whole board and carefully blending with the maple. Next, we apply two or three inches of brown wiping stain to the outside edges of the board, blending this in also. To finish the coloring, we use Spanish oak to color knots and add highlights. After the stain dries, two coats of high gloss polyurethane and one coat of satin polyurethane are applied to make up the finish.


What comes in the materials package?


This information is detailed in our brochure, which you can download below.

pdf ENEH Brochure

What type of wood is the timbered ceiling system made from?


Almost all of our products are made of Eastern White Pine. We have found it to be strong and durable over the years. Interior products are typically painted or left natural to color on their own.


Do you sell plans?


No, we do not sell just plans. We sell our plans along with one of our materials packages. You do not have to buy everything we sell. With the purchase of the framing package you will receive our blueprints. If you find at a later date you would like to purchase some other materials you can do so.

How far do you ship?


We ship our products anywhere in the country. Materials will be shipped by common carrier and you will need a crane or large fork lift on your site to unload. ENEH carpenters travel to the site to assist timbered ceiling package install, no matter where you are!