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When planning to build your dream home, we’d like you to choose Early New England Homes constructed in traditional post and beam style. Finding the appropriate place to call home is essential. This is because so much of what matters in life happens at a place you can call “home”. To make an informed decision on whether or not you should build a house, you must first sit down and think about what you want your house to do for you.

Why Should You Choose Early New England Homes?

Early New England Homes has uncovered just how much value a home can contribute to your life simply by building living spaces that build on the wisdom and experience of previous generations. Families with children are looking for a place to call their own. Not just them, you can even find the dream house for your grandparents – something they can call home. All thanks to Early New England Home.


When early New England colonists had the option to own their own property, build their own house, and work hard to make that house a home, a natural link emerged between a home and its residents. As a result, the colonists developed a strong feeling of self-worth and a fondness for minimalism, efficiency, and frugality. Early New England Homes believes that the period’s architecture preserves these ideals permanently.


Cape Cod, saltbox, gambrel, and Colonial-style residences are specialties of Early New England Homes. The plans are based on homes from the early 1700s that can still be found in New England. Early New England Homes aims to bring these classic styles back to life in collaboration with local builders, with all the modern conveniences and personalization that today’s buyers demand.


Post and beam houses in the style of Early New England residences are based on the architecture of New England homes from the 18th century. They create environmentally friendly and cost-effective homes for the people who live in them, using locally sourced materials whenever possible. Do we need to convince you more? Advance to information about our Early New England Homes and see for yourself. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed! For more information, please call (860) 643-1148.

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