Part of what we sell with every Early New England Home is satisfaction. Whether you're in the market to purchase one of our homes, or a hired builder or sub-contractor, we want the experience to be the best you've ever had — from start to finish. Here are a few of our favorite letters and photos from friends. If you have recently purchased an Early New England Home, we want to hear about it! Please write us a letter so we can proudly share your story here.

Bob and Sharon
Kensington, CT

Sharon and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent work you and your entire company have provided. You have thought about every detail from floors, windows, posts, beams, to stairwells, hand-planed wainscoting, fireplace, doors, and porches. When we first walked into your model home in Bolton, we were overwhelmed by the expertise, experience, desire, and foremost, the friendliness of everyone working here. You and your people have made this experience very enjoyable for us.

We could not ask for anything more. The period house, barn and carriage house have been everything we could ask for. We are truly "poster children" for Country Carpenters and Early New England Homes, and are happy to not only recommend your company, but also offer people to view our home and barn/carriage house as an example of your fine workmanship.

Thank you for making our dreams come true.

Curt and Sue
Coventry, CT

We have been in our home two months now and are thrilled that the Early New England Homes model we saw in Bolton a year ago is now our home in Coventry, CT. It is the most relaxing and best home we've ever lived in. After becoming empty nesters, we searched throughout New England trying to find the perfect "historical" home that we would eventually retire in. Nothing seemed to fit our needs in size or the amount of work it would take to restore it. I [Sue] remember the day I was browsing Yankee Magazine and saw an advertisement for a 17th century cape.

The picture in the magazine looked great, but I thought it was a photo of someone else's home. After calling ENEH about the ad, I left work to go see the model. When I drove up to the site, I knew that it was "going to be good." As I walked around, I was amazed at the research that had gone into the house to make it look like a home from the past. The barn red kitchen with colonial green walls was something I had only dreamed about or saw in magazines but thought would never work in a house we lived in. But in the Early New England Home, it was perfect. After spending two hours in awe, I went back to work and told Curt that I found our dream home.

I [Curt] remember the warm feeling I had when I first saw the model. The post and beam construction and wide plank floors were beautiful. After seeing the barns, I knew Sue and I didn't need to look any further. I had looked at other companies, but never found a barn so well built as Country Carpenters'. There wouldn't be anymore woodworking around cars in a garage for me.

Everyone at Early New England Homes and Country Carpenters are first rate in their product and service. We appreciate the extensive research you put into the design of the home and the high quality of craftsmanship with which you build. We thank you, Bruce and Roger, for always handling our questions, saying yes to the "what ifs" and checking on the house during construction. Thanks Jason for making the extra eight feet in the ell work. Leslie, you were fantastic in getting the barns so perfect for us. They are beautiful.

We love everything about our home; especially the little details like the forged iron hardware, beehive oven, and authentic woodwork. It's all so special and makes your company unique. We are proud of our home and love showing it off. Thanks for making this our "forever home".

Kim and Karl
Stafford, CT

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful we are to have chosen Early New England Homes to build our new home. Every single craftsman and contractor who has worked on this project has been extraordinary. In today’s business culture it is not often one finds such an example of service excellence and pride of workmanship.

Karl and I researched a number of options for builders while planning our period home, including acting as the general contractor ourselves. Hiring Early New England Homes represented a substantial investment over subcontracting the project ourselves and using subcontractors we knew already. I want you to know that we have not regretted our decision for one second. The overwhelming amount of time and effort that you have put into this project is evident in every last detail. There is absolutely no way we could have possibly done this ourselves and have had the project turn out so beautifully.

From the hours that you spent with us positioning the house and outbuildings on the site to create the best possible light and views, to making sure the site is spotless every night, to picking out all of the right colors and materials to make the house look authentic ... you have been amazing. I don’t know when you have time to sleep! We are just so impressed with the quality of work and the follow through on everything. It has been a pleasure working with you and your entire team.

I feel that we have made a new friendship with you and will be sure to stay in touch. You are more than welcome to refer anyone to us who may be considering purchasing a home or outbuilding from you. You have two new raving fans and we will do everything in our power to help you promote your incredible business.

Barbara and Jack
Tolland, CT

Never thought we would live in a house like this. We weren’t even looking to move just yet. Then we saw the ad and went to see the model ... SERENDIPITY!!!

From that day on, our life practically revolved around making our wish to build this house come true. It was a pleasure being involved with the wonderful and kind people at Early New England Homes and Country Carpenters.

Your knowledge and workmanship — and especially your kindness — did not go unnoticed.

We've been in our home 6 months now and have endured quite a harsh winter so far ... and still, our home wraps around us like a secure cozy blanket.

Athol, MA

Polly and I have been living in the house since Labor Day and it has proven to be well suited to our circumstances. The house has been very comfortable through this unusually cold winter and quite economical to heat. We have received many compliments on the exterior appearance as well as interior detailing.

Don and Julie
Tolland, CT

We are such lucky people! When Don and I started pursuing the idea of a new home, we had no idea where that path would lead. However, the moment I first stepped foot into the Early New England Homes model I knew it was just the place for us. I'll never forget that day.

Somehow this beautiful home had a warm and cozy feel to it, while at the same time it was spacious, open and airy. It had all the character and charm of an old historic home, with all the comfort and convenience of a new home. Add to all that the ability to tweak the design to meet our own special needs and who could ask for anything more?

Don was not with me that day, but when I told him that this was the home I'd be willing to leave our home of over thirty years for, he knew it had to be something special indeed. And when he was finally able to see it for himself ... well, the only thing left to decide was exactly where to build our beautiful home! We quickly found a lot and the rest, as they say, is history.

We can't even begin to thank all the people involved in this venture enough. To a person, every individual that we came in contact with on this project went out of their way to make the process a pleasant and smooth one. There was never a problem that couldn't be handled, never an idea that was dismissed out of hand, and everyone was amazingly patient with millions of questions we had.

Our main points of contact were Bruce and Roger and we want to extend our special thanks to both of them for all their collaborative efforts in overseeing the process. We can't say enough about how much their personal attention to the project impressed us! However, we also know there were dozens of others on the team, behind the scenes, that played a role in making our new home a reality. To all of them as well ... our sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

It has been such a smooth and pleasant adventure watching our home come to fruition from the beginning. We were thrilled to get into our new home in time to spend our first Christmas there this year and look forward to many wonderful years and holidays ahead of us there. We absolutely love it!

We were indeed lucky to have had all of you on this project.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mark and Mary Ann
Hillsdale, NY

Mark and I wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the exceptional experience that we have had with your company.

After a year of researching the style of the house that we wanted to build, we kept coming back to the cute picture of the red model cape in a local magazine and decided one Saturday to pay a visit to Bolton, Connecticut. When we walked through the kitchen door all we could do was sigh and say to ourselves "this is it ... we've fallen in love with this house". After touring the model with Bruce, we knew that no other company or plan would do.

What initially impressed us was the design, the historical colors and research that was apparent in the model. The style, open floor plan and simplicity of function in each room was in keeping with our taste and needs. The idea of the "hearth as the center of the home" was especially charming, as we loved spending evenings in front of the fireplace in our previous home.

Mark and I cannot say enough about Bruce's helpfulness and knowledge throughout the entire project. From the beginning to the completion of our home, ENEH was there to provide the materials, expertise and support that was needed, whenever it was needed. No question seemed too trivial and the guidance that was provided to our building crew was outstanding. A humorous line that was heard around our building site whenever there was a question was, "Let's call Bruce about that."

All timelines were met on or even earlier than the expected dates. The quality of workmanship of the built-in cabinetry, the hand-planed paneling, the forged hardware, the scale of the massive summer beams and posts, as well as the wide board flooring and the mouldings combined together to set our home apart from all others. Our builder, with 28 years of experience in the business, was equally impressed with all the materials and details.

The staff at ENEH worked with us to make some minor adjustments to our building plan by enlarging the upstairs bathroom and making it directly accessible to the master bedroom, as well the addition of a small porch.

In closing, Mark and I would like you to know that we have been completely satisfied with the quality of our home and our decision to use your company.

Lance and Pauline
Lebanon, CT

To Bruce, Roger, and crew,

We have been in our new home for nearly a year now and must say we have absolutely enjoyed every minute. Choosing ENEH to build our Cape was the best decision we could have made, nobody builds a finer home. Everyone who visits us is in awe of its beauty, quality and craftsmanship. Kudos to all at ENEH for their sincere interest in answering any and all questions and concerns we had in the designing of our dream.

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